Dental Bleaching

Now more than 1,000 dentists and dental hygienists have attended one of my courses, and have finally found solutions to their problems with dental bleaching, such as:

  • poor results
  • early relapses
  • little patient request and not knowing how to propose bleaching to them
  • for patients, the cost seems excessive
  • they don’t know if the products they use are safe or harmful
  • they don’t know what dyschromia (discoloration) can be treated
  • they don’t know which is the best product
  • they don’t know which is the best technique
  • they cannot treat non vital teeth
  • they don’t know how to avoid complications

The residential courses take place in my clinic in Ferrara (Italy) or at the course center of the Organizing Body.

Upcoming dates:

  • Milano, March 15, 2024
  • Roma, April 13, 2024
  • Napoli, October 27, 2024


Dental Bleaching

Do you want to do the dental bleaching course but on the dates shown you already have other commitments or the distance from the course center is considerable?

No problem, you can take my online course!

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Your tailor-made course

Are you a group of colleagues and you want to bring yourself and your co-workers up to date, but don’t want to move from your city?

Request a personalized course at your clinic!

We will decide together the date, topics (bleaching, veneers, inlays, photography) and any special requests. I will come to you and not you to me at the course center!

In this way you do not have to face travel and accommodation expenses for you and your staff or your colleagues, you will choose with me the date that is most convenient for you, I will be at your complete disposal so as to make an intensive course targeted to your specific needs.


Dental bleaching. Methods for success

by Enrico Cogo, Pietro Sibilla and Roberto Turrini
Edited by Quintessenza Edizioni
Presentations by Prof. Giorgio Calura and Dr. Mauro Fradeani

This unique book is aimed at Dentists and Dental Hygienists to illustrate which materials to use and which techniques to use to carry out successful and long-lasting professional tooth whitening without damaging the enamel.

All the experience gained during the numerous clinical cases collected is condensed; all aimed at creating precise operating protocols to obtain the maximum result while minimizing the risk of having complications.